I suppose’ that I should just let this one lie. I’t a pain to even think about it, however I can see it slowly moving into the conscience of the ‘net’ and it really pisses me off, so here goes.

Last week some asshat decided to use a marshal art that I happen to like, as a form of punishment for one of his kids. According to the story, this bozo in Washington State brought his teenage daughter home from the police station (she’d been picked up at a party.) He became enraged and beat her with a switch first, then demanded that she get into her into her marshal-arts gear and forced her to practice sword-fight with him, beating the girl with a chunk of  rattan for a couple of hours.

This of course sounded far more alarming to the police than to me. Beating the girl with a switch was far worse IMO.

Doing a marshal arts practice as a consensual activity is perfectly leagle. In my sport we sign wavers saying in effect “yes we understand we could get hurt.”

Doing this at 4 in the morning seemed a bit odd, doing it as a form of punishment is…. well not something I’d ever do and  I would certainly advise people NOT to do It’s a really bad idea.

Then I found out that neither he nor his daughter were actually members of the organisation that sponsors such activity (the consensual kind.)

Whew! Big relief !

Why? Well I was ready to shoot off a quick pleading to the Board of Directors (of the martial arts  club I’m involved with.) I was going to ask that he be formally kicked out and his fighter card  ripped up.

However; that ass-bucket is a “once a member, not a member any more.” He let his membership expire back in the 90s.

Good thing because he violated nearly all the rules we play under, most importantly


Also; Official combat and combat practice  takes place at at sanctioned events, under standard rules. It’s never done in anger. Special consideration is taken when in the case of minors. All participants and weapons are to be inspected by a duly authorized Marshall.  All combat is to be overseen by a Marshall. All authorization cards are to be signed and up to date.

None of these things happened here. What did happen is some butt-munch decided to beat up his daughter with his marshal-art toys.

Brilliant! You are a credit to your species sir! Now go back to the  Neander valley where you belong!



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I do computer work professionally; write as much as I can, I've been associated iwith the Society for Creative Anachronism where I excel at a form of armed combat which closely resembles medieval sword fighting. In the little time remaining I edit a paranormal rant page called The Empire of the Odd to the delight of some and the horror of others.
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