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Boston and the National Soap Opera.

I was sort-of watching the media frenzy on the Boston Marathon Bombing. There is no need to comment on the bombing itself, the perpetrators probably wanted to just get attention to something.  They have succeeded. Perhaps they have succeeded more than they hoped. Like the … Continue reading

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The Week Behind.

Did an SCA tourney over the weekend. It felt really good to get back into armor after about a month hiatus. I did pretty well, made it to the finals but got knocked out in my second set . Our SCA group was … Continue reading

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I suppose’ that I should just let this one lie. I’t a pain to even think about it, however I can see it slowly moving into the conscience of the ‘net’ and it really pisses me off, so here goes. Last week … Continue reading

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Do I really need to say it?

Defiant Gainesville pastor goes ahead with plans to burn Korans despite pleas Whatever! This guy is just trying to get attention because he’s a stupid, ignorant hick who’s captured the attention of a lot of other people, all over … Continue reading

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wait just one flocking moment!

Commercial aircraft co-pilots are making only $16,500 pr year? Your run-of-the-mill grocery store truck driver makes mor than that!

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Mother Goose’s Rhyme Class.

I was at Largo Central Park with E yesterday. We come here most Saturdays; I to conduct SCA heavy fighting classes and general sparring, E to run around like a young Indian. Practice was over and I was about to … Continue reading

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This just gets my grits!

So; we have this free bike program at my workplace (a college campus which is about 1.5 miles across.) It’s like the white bike community programs in the Netherlands. So; no problem, I spend a fair amount of time picking … Continue reading

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