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Making Sense – (or; Out of the Nowhere.)

Went to the Pennsic War last week. I did a little side trip to the “Roswell of the East Coast,” Point Pleasant WV; home of the “Mothman” and other assorted weirdness back in the 1970s. Point Pleasant is a nice … Continue reading

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Off the Coaster?

I attended one of one of our regional SCA things last weekend. Attended is kind of a misnomer  – I was on staff and running checking gate for the weekend. This consists of greeting carloads of people and having them … Continue reading

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Hitting the ground – running fast.

Yikes! I’v had a busy week and it taint over yet.  Went to see my Mom on Monday and look at her house, Mom’s fine bu the house is going to need some work. Had to get a couple of used books (there is … Continue reading

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SCA in New Mexico

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I suppose’ that I should just let this one lie. I’t a pain to even think about it, however I can see it slowly moving into the conscience of the ‘net’ and it really pisses me off, so here goes. Last week … Continue reading

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This Whole Pennsic Thing.

It’s pretty strange to be here again. Last year we skipped it, too little time, not enough money we said. This year we decided that it could be a cheap vacation. Seems a lot of people made that decision, this … Continue reading

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So some more Pennsic.

Ok, so I’m a geek. I dress up in this faux roman garb, sit around in a tent and write blog posts on my laptop. I dug out my armor today, did some adjustments and wandered up to the field … Continue reading

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So Pennsic

Well, once again we loaded up the family jalopy and headed out to the Pennsic War.  Deb, E’ and I got on the road at about 3:00PM on Sunday, July 26th 2009. After about 23 hours of driving and several … Continue reading

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Back from Pennsic.

We got back last night, dropping E off at the grandparents. The drive went very well and we found all the cats, one turtle and our house still OK.Pennsic itself was fine other than the weather. It rained nearly every … Continue reading

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Pennsic 2007

Pennsic Log 2007 Sunday I seem to have forgotten something important, most years I have a paper journal but this time I completely forgot to bring one! This means I will have to keep a diary on line. It’s Sunday, … Continue reading

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