Back Home – for now.

Made it home after another rather boring drive across the Texas Panhandle. Back to work, lots of paperwork and a rather busy week moving equipment around.

We got snow, about half a foot. It was gone in a couple of days. But it was pretty while it lasted.

Rumor has it that I’ll be seeing the bland skies of Oklahoma again soon. It’s not a bad thing! I should be getting more of certs out of the way and becoming more essential to the ponderous agency that I work for.

And I can buy Mable treats! Lots of treats!  That’s important!

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Eight Years Away.

“It was a long wait but the ceremony began after a while. We could see quite a way up the mall and the ocean of people around 2 million was just astounding. The sound was like nothing I’ve ever heard. The throng was like a living thing, once cheering when  a familiar face flashed on the screens, next booing when someone like Newt Gingrich was introduced.”


“That was our revolution. We had lunch afterward.

How is this possible? In a world where other revolutions seem to require the pathos of complete upheaval and breakdown. Where millions of people are uprooted and thrown about like so much human flotsam into refugee camps. How is it we can do this, for over two hundred years without setting the great city alight and murdering those who live there? How is it we don’t have rioting and people howling for blood?”


Looking back (eight years – WOW!) I did  not go  to the current inauguration and probably wouldn’t even watch it on TV if I could. Ratings and all that.  I was busy helping make our nation safe! 

I had to work which means getting instructions on how to configure a Lexmark printer and various routers and switches too. I kinda-sorta know how to do these things already, but now I can get “certified!” (woooo!)


Upon reflecting on the last eight years. I remember predicting that the Obama Administration would face many challenges. The way I put it was “if God himself showed up at a State of the Union address and commented that he thought Obama was “his guy” and he approved of him. People (white people) would still crucify him. “


Unfortunately, I think this did happen. (Not the God part.) The Obama administration wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t a ‘bad’ time for the United States. We pretty much sailed along. Our reputation in the world is better. The economy seems better. More people seem to have jobs (OK – sure, a lot of people say the unemployment figures are cooked up. Most of the people I know are working.) Unlike in 2009! 

The economy is not great, but we don’t seem to have the enormous problems we were experiencing eight years ago. Banks are not failing, too-large-to-fail auto companies seem to be making a profit. 

Now we seem to have social issues. People finally noticed that black people are getting arrested, incarcerated and killed (by police) at far higher levels than white people. People have noticed that the middle-class in the US is almost gone. People noticed that even working a couple of jobs cannot get one out of poverty, pay off loans, get healthcare or get a decent education.

The US citizen is in a trap. It’s a trap that was set up and sprung by the very few people who are actually running things. There are only NINE people in the world who control 50% of the wealth of the world.  

It comes down to class as it always does.

Now we have a new president who pledges to change all of this. I guess we will see if he can do anything positive. I wonder how a person who has never known want, who inherited great wealth and makes a habit of glamorously showing off his wealth will have interest in restoring the middle class. Perhaps if he were to understand that the ex-middle class are his only power base. If he understands that “his: people” will adore him if he succeeds. They are pouring their hopes and dreams into him today. They worship him.

If he fails, they will turn on him. And it will be ugly.

Who am I kidding! It’s ugly already! At least the power is still on, the grocery stores have food, the dole checks are still getting cashed and a loaf of bread  still costs a couple of bucks. When bread is hundreds of dollars a loaf, when having a million means you might be able to make rent? What’s going to happen then?

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