Hot Daze and back at it.

So I’m in debt again. This time for an emergency pleasure vehicle. I’m now a two car family that seems to have forgotten the family (sorry Mable!)

I was looking around for a 4wd truck, one with manual transmission, manual 4wd selection and a full service spare. Air conditioning would be nice too but really? I hardly use it (well in the past couple of weeks and only in the afternoon.)

So I was looking in the Auto Trader of all places and found this.


It’s a Toyota FJ Cruiser. It’s got some miles, but somebody took really good care of it and I don’t plan to drive it very much anyway. It has all the things I wanted, plus big honking 17 inch tires. Also an upgraded stereo with one of those fat-booming woofers (I’ve pretty much turned that off.)

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Warm Daze

So it’s summertime here in New Mexico. After a few mixed days of rain  and sunshine it’s become sunshine every day – all day. It’s cool at night. Rather hot during the afternoon. even here in the mountains!

Despite this the house doesn’t get too hot in the afternoon. It usually hits 80 or so right around 3pm. The it drops to the 50s at night.

I finally got a workbench set up. Moved the trailer into the back yard and spent an afternoon constructing the thing. It’s a hardwood bench with a wood vice from Harbor Freight.  The instructions were not too bad – they were legacy from a different model though and translated from teh Chinese.

I’ve been to a couple of SCA fighter practices this week too. It’s been about six months since I went to the last one. Between training, celiac and basically feeling awful (mostly from the celiac) it feel really good to get on that horse again!



Getting some certification stuff done tonight. Certing is a complex process that has formal training, OJT training and testing plus a lot of paperwork. I have just the practical testing tonight, Hopefully all will go well.

Otherwise I’m paying off the IRS this week, trying to wrangle up a desk for my “study” room. Working on a bunch of server issues in my computer petting zoo. trying to get my weather station back on line (probably a wash. The USB sending unit on the remote went out. Oh and looking around for a 4wd second car.

So – not too much going on right?


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